"Preventive and protective measures must be thought of before the disaster hits; there is no use in mourning afterwards."


MAG Equipment
Personal Equipment
Helmet and head torch
Reflective overalls
Steel toed boots
Gloves, dust mask, goggles, safety belt, rope
Backpack etc.

Team Equipment
2 generators
Halogen lamps
Electric concrete piercing equipment
Hydraulic jacks
Iron cutters
Pick axes, shovels, sledgehammers etc.
Hand-held two-way radios etc.

Neighborhood Disaster Support Center
A specially designed 3 X 7 m. container is placed at a safe and easily accessible location in the neighborhood and the MAG equipment is stored in this container.

This container is used as the Neighborhood Disaster Support Center.

Two-way radio communication is established between this center and the Provincial Civil Defense.

The center and all equipment are meticulously maintained by the volunteers according to a carefully prepared periodic maintenance program.

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19 Mayis Mah. Halaskargazi Cad.
Ali Kocman Apt. No:175
Kat:6 D.6
Tel: +90212 296 54 90 (Pbx)
Fax: +90212 296 21 20
E-mail: vakif@magvakfi.org.tr

Neighborhood Disaster Volunteer Programme (NDV) is being implemented by MAG Foundation within the Marmara Region of Turkey with the cooperation of the Provincial Governors and the Civil Defense Directorates in accordance with the Civil Defense Regulations applicable to voluntary participation in the Civil Defense Services.