"Preventive and protective measures must be thought of before the disaster hits; there is no use in mourning afterwards."


Neighborhood Disaster Support Project (NDSP)

The First 72 Hours!
The most critical period to save lives after a disaster is the first 72 hours.

Most people are rescued by relatives and neighbors rushing for help within the first 24 hours, usually with little or no equipment and training, before the professional responders arrive.

Objectives of the Project
To improve neighborhood-based rescue potential during critical hours by providing training, equipment, and an efficient and sustainable organizational structure

To improve cooperation and coordination with professional responders

To raise disaster awareness level within the community and to inform civilians on the disaster risks and precautions

Project Components
The project includes the following components in each participating neighborhood:

Neighborhood Disaster Volunteers (MAG)
Up to 50 volunteers are trained, equipped and organized to respond immediately within the first hours after a disaster.
They support the professional responders when they arrive.

Neighborhood Disaster Committee (MAK)

It is composed of people with specific skills and tasks
Neighborhood Headman (Alderman)
Volunteer Coordinator
Logistics Specialist
Risk and Damage Assessment Specialist MAK members work to increase and guide the disaster response capacity of the neighborhood.

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Neighborhood Disaster Volunteer Programme (NDV) is being implemented by MAG Foundation within the Marmara Region of Turkey with the cooperation of the Provincial Governors and the Civil Defense Directorates in accordance with the Civil Defense Regulations applicable to voluntary participation in the Civil Defense Services.